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Fulgurite Lightning Sand "Dark Star" [12895] Italy

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This large "Dark Star" fulgurite from Italy has many fascinating features is an all-natural glass tube. It is a marvel, having a stretched glass, a billowy white top, a side-to-side see through interior, and 3 total openings.  Its unusual shape and intriguing form have caused it to be named "Dark Star."

In astronomy, a dark star is thought to be made out of the same type of chemical elements as regular stars - hydrogen and helium. The dark star is, however, something different energy-wise, as it is powered by dark matter annihilation rather than fusion.

This fulgurite has a gaseous, stellar-like shape as its outer appearance looks bubbly with mottled, multiple protuberances. This is very similar to what regular stars look like in the night sky with a telescope. The color is white and gray with intermittent white grains. 

Size of fulgurite: 1 3/4" L X 1 1/2" W X 3/4" D; Ships in a protective case with Certificate of Authenticity, information about this fulgurite, tag, tag stand, and jewelers tack for positioning. A clear beveled plexiglass base is included. The photo cube not included.

Fulgurites make great unique gifts, and this one, in particular, would be unique to someone who enjoys astronomy, the universe, and the wonders of nature. After all, a lightning bolt did create it!

Only one like it in the world!

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