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Eocene Fossil Flower

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This Astronium fossil flower is from the Eocene Green River Shale, Uintah County, Utah. It has great detail and is probably from the cashew or sumac family. Fossil flowers are relatively rare. The first flowers are believed to have been found in the Nanjing region of China dating to the Jurassic and are about 174 million years old.

In addition to the flower there appears to be a portion of stem from an unknown family, to the left of the flower. Under the microscope the petals, stem, style, stigma, a filament and pollen grains are easy to see.

Flower fossil matrix size: 83mm L X 65mm X 11mm D

Fossil Flower Size: 10mm L X 9mm W. Ships with COA tag and information. 

Display base and photo cube not included. Tag and tag stand included.

If you don't already have a rare fossil flower in your fossil collection this specimen would make a very fine addition.

This Eocene fossil flower is guaranteed authentic. It was legally collected and ships with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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