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Flight of the Phoenix Agate Jewelry 14k Gold Pendant [88719]

Brand : KennedyCoJewelry

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A silhouette of a Phoenix bird rising from the dark background of ashes as in flight, can be seen in this remarkable agate with white, black, and minor tan colors. Upon close inspection, the wings are widely outstretched, with the right leg high as if running.

This fantastic 14k gold mirror polished natural agate is from Trenggalek, East Java, Indonesia - part of the Pacific "Ring of Fire!"

Size of 14k Pendant: 1 3/16 diameter. With the bail, the length is 1 1/2" L. Depth: 1/8". A small 20" gold-filled chain includes a Certificate of Authenticity and information about the Phoenix bird.

The Phoenix bird, also known as a firebird, is a mythical creature that has captivated people's imaginations for centuries. It is said to have originated from ancient Greek and Egyptian mythology, but its legend has spread to many cultures throughout history.

The earliest known mention of the Phoenix bird dates back to ancient Egyptian mythology. It was depicted as a large, red-golden bird with a long, golden tail. The Egyptians believed that the Phoenix lived for hundreds of years before building its own funeral pyre and setting itself on fire. After three days, it was rejuvenated and reborn from the ashes. The Egyptians saw this as a symbol of death and resurrection, and the Phoenix became closely associated with their god of creation, Ra.

The legend of the Phoenix is found in Greek mythology. In Greek lore, the Phoenix was sent by Zeus to help his son Apollo during a battle. The bird's fiery appearance and ability to rise from the ashes made it a powerful symbol of strength and immortality.

The Phoenix bird is often associated with resilience, rebirth, and renewal. Its ability to rise from the ashes after death has led many cultures to view it as a symbol of hope and new beginnings. The Phoenix is also seen as a symbol of immortality and part of the endless cycle of death and rebirth.

The Phoenix bird is associated with good luck and prosperity in Chinese mythology. In Japanese culture, it symbolizes grace and purity. In Native American legends, the Phoenix is seen as a bringer of rain and a protector of crops.

Today, the legend of the Phoenix continues to inspire people worldwide. It has been referenced in literature, art, and popular culture, often representing themes of resilience and transformation. The Hollywood movie "The Flight of the Phoenix" is an excellent example of a group struggle to overcome seemingly impossible odds.

This 14k gold pendant age jewelry is the only one like it in the world.

No matter how you feel about life's travails, this superb Phoenix pendant jewelry reminds you that you can rise above whatever is in your path!


This pendant jewelry ships with a Certificate of Authenticity, gold-filled 20" chain and attractive jewelry box and information about the phoenix bird.