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Eriksson's Dune Oldest Lithified Sand Dune [52087]

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Eriksson's Dune is the oldest lithified dune in the world and is only found in South Africa. It is 3.22 billion years old! It was named after K.A. Eriksson, a geologist from South Africa who wrote about it in 1978. This lithified dune shows evidence of tides, which means the ocean had rhythm even back then! The rocks are made of small sandstone chunks and other kinds of sediment, like siltstone and mudstone. There isn't another place on Earth like Eriksson's Dune - it is a remarkable geological find!

The young Moon had a synodic month of about 26.2 lunar days. Earth’s Day was approximately a fast 13 hours. The consequence of such a close Earth-Moon System resulted in more powerful ocean tides than we experience today. 

As many as 15 different tidal layers have been seen in Eriksson’s Dune, reflecting varying strengths of the young Earth's tides. The layering preserved on this ancient shore offers a unique window into the dynamics of the early Moon-Earth system.

The size of the Eriksson's Dune specimen is 76mm L X 72mm W X 9mm D, Weight: 67.7 grams; un-polished, lightly sprayed with water. The crust that encircles the top, sides, and bottom are its weathered natural features.

Note: All-natural transverse sedimentary line runs left to right, mirroring on both sides.

Ships with Information, Certificate of Authenticity, tag, and tag stand. Acrylic stand and photo cube not included. Eriksson's Dune PHOTO in situ and copy of relevant scientific articles included.

Add Eriksson's Dune from the world's most ancient beach to your diverse geological collection today. Learn and teach about geology on a whole new level by including the dynamics of the early Earth-Moon system with this beautiful geological specimen.

This Eriksson's Dune specimen was legally obtained in a trade with a scientific institution.


This scientific material is Guaranteed Authentic. It was professionally and legally collected and arrives with a Certificate of Authenticity.