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Dragons Head Fulgurite Lightning Sand [17578]

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This lightning sand fulgurite is exemplary as it is shaped at the top like a Dragon's head, similar to the bristling of a bearded dragon lizard, with a wide yawn! It is visually stunning, with a ropey exterior with bushy tips. This fulgurite is white with black sand grains, some of which are naturally sprinkled on the outside while others are melted in its interior.

Size: 2 3/4" L X 3/4"W X 3/4" D, Great one-of-a-kind specimen. Location found: Italy.

Few things are more incredible than a lightning bolt striking the sand to form a fulgurite. This extraordinary lightning sand fulgurite is a beautiful creation of nature at its most powerful, created by searing temperatures as hot as the Sun's surface.

It is shipped in a protective case with a Certificate of Authenticity and information about fulgurite lightning sand. Jeweler's tack is included for adjustable positioning with a tag and tag stand included. The square 2" beveled quality frosted plexiglass base is also included (shown in the video). The photo cube is not included.

Fulgurites make great romantic and inspirational gifts. Explorer's gift wrap with fishnet style gold ribbon, flower, and message of your choice is available.

The Lore and Folk History of Lightning Sand: Promotes Good Luck, Success, Insight, Serendipity, Inspiration, Enthusiasm, Creativity, Hope, Renewal of Spirits, and New Beginnings.

The real stuff, like in the movie, "Sweet Home, Alabama." It makes an excellent gift for the warrior in your life who is a slayer of dragons!

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