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Dear Friends of Sciencemall-USA,

Sciencemall-USA is so excited that on November 6, 2022, Joshua Kennedy and his wife Rachel will be participating in the 51st TCS New York City Marathon! As some of you might know, Rachel Kennedy is attempting to smash a personal record of a sub-3-hour marathon at the NYCM. 
Joshua Kennedy will be running to support The Iris Fund. The Iris Fund was established in July of 2017 when Iris Crystal Aleman was born and died due to complications related to pre-term birth. Her family was shocked to learn in days following her passing that even the triggers to full-term labor are not yet understood and that the basic science around what makes up something as critical as the cervix has not been updated since the 1940s- and the fund is her legacy to address those key issues. 
The Iris Fund exclusively supports the research being conducted by a Biomedical/ Mechanical Engineer and OBGYN (Drs. Myers and Vink) at Columbia’s Preterm Birth Prevention Center. They're determining what triggers full-term labor to eventually prevent preterm birth. 
The Iris Fund believes all families deserve to know how a woman's body works during labor and we're so inspired that those same answers will save and improve outcomes for our most vulnerable babies. (All contributions are made directly to the fund, and are not made in any way to Sciencemall-USA or its affiliates.)
By way of background, the NYC marathon is on the list of the 10 top major marathons in the world! Preceded by Tokyo, Boston, London, BMW-Berlin, Bank of America - Chicago and then the NYC marathon.
Please consider help supporting Joshua with his charity run in the NYC marathon, made directly to the IRIS Fund with donations made directly to research by clicking here: https://donate.hakuapp.com/donations/new?fundraiser=829d99a6717392458db0&fs=e&s=cl&fbclid=IwAR2yYZqV35HXRyQ-cGcYfuD_oRmFb9t6QAlsxLO8DODVa_LFoYoORKY83zc
Thank you!