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Crude Oil Collection - 6 Vials [55109] with Info Sheet

Brand : Sciencemall-USA

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The petroleum extracted from the Earth is essential to modern life, yet many of us don't know what crude oil is, how it is extracted, or where it occurs. Take a closer look at the "fossil fuel" that drives technology on our planet with this colorful and engaging six-vial crude oil collection!

Contents: #1 - Empire Crude Oil - Louisiana Gulf; #2 - California Valley - San Joaquin; #3 - Arabian Heavy - Saudi Arabia; #4 - Bachaquero - Venezuela; #5 - Maya Heavy - Mexico Gulf; #6 - Gilsonite - Bonanza, Utah.

Size of Box: 7 1/8" X 5" X 1 1/4";  six - 1.75 square cells. Each vial is 1 1/8" L X 5.8" diameter. 8-page detailed information sheet included!

Buy this great collection for your earth science class or teach yourself about crude oil - the "fossil fuel" most likely involved in everyone's daily life.

This crude oil collection would make an important addition to any serious geology collection.



Ships with detailed information sheet.