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Today is the First Day of Our Newly Designed Store - Yay!

Posted by The Science Mall Team on 8th Aug 2022

Today is the first day of the Grand Opening of our newly designed store for 2022!

We start off with an entirely redesigned website. There are a few new categories, easier viewing of the products, more in-depth content and images. 

Some of the products have all yet to be listed, but we are getting there and over the next few weeks you will see a more complete transformation.

People travel the world and visit beautiful places without realizing that these places could also have special geological importance as well.  Our site is dedicated to those people who seek a fuller comprehension about our planet, the range of its geological diversity - rocks, minerals, fossils - while gaining insight on even what the future might become.

Learn, shop, enjoy and get today something that you never thought possible to add to your special collection. 

If you are a teacher or science enthusiast, here is a real opportunity to encourage people to learn more about our fascinating planet with our study sets. 

There are also many items that would make a surprise gift to that special someone in your life.

P.S.- Always reach out if you have any questions about the products or requests for special items.

Thank you for shopping with Sciencemall-USA!