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How is fulgurite lightning sand priced? How do they form?

How is fulgurite lightning sand priced? How do they form?

Posted by The Science Mall Team on 29th Nov 2023

Have you ever heard of fulgurite lightning sand? It sounds like something straight out of a fairytale, but they are actually very much real. The technical term for this phenomenon is fulgurite, which is created when lightning strikes sand. And if you're unfamiliar with this wonder, you're missing out on a world of enchantment. Made popular by the Hollywood movie "Sweet Home, Alabama," the fusion between sand and lightning produces intricate and stunning formations that have captured people's imagination worldwide in the form of fulgurite lightning sand jewelry and specimens. Here’s what you need to know about this mesmerizing wonder. 

Fulgurites are made when lightning strikes the soil or sand. This lightning bolt produces temperatures reaching 3270 °C (5918 °F), melting the sand and fusing the grains together, varying in size, form, and color. Some specimens can be incredibly mesmerizing, making them a popular choice for jewelry. 

Fulgurite lightning sand jewelry is a unique and eloquent way to wear something that nature herself has created. These pieces are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before and make for a perfect conversation starter. Every piece is authentic, and the patterns and designs are unique, providing a glimpse of the magnificence of lightning and nature itself. 

Fulgurites are highly sought after by hobbyists, collectors, and enthusiasts owing to their rarity. Finding fulgurites in their original form can be challenging, but once you have them, you can learn about specific types and their formation process. Some specimens vary in size, while others have unique shapes and textures. The process of understanding more about this beautiful gift of nature can be both informative and entertaining. 

Due to the rarity of fulgurite specimens and jewelry, the price can vary depending on their quality, size, and location. Inexpensive ones cost around $20 because they need to be better formed or uncolorful with a lack of pizzazz. White and colorful fulgurites are more expensive because they are from unique locations, have attractive, unique interiors, and have a lot of character.

Although it's not commonly spoken about, lightning has remained a long-standing fascination of many people around the world, and fulgurite lightning sand jewelry and specimens offer a unique way to enjoy this natural occurrence. These beautifully formed fulgurite pieces give us a glimpse into the raw power and unpredictability that lightning can bring. 

Whether you’re an enthusiast, jeweler, or collector, we can all enjoy and appreciate the fulgurite magic. So, the next time you walk along a beach or the barren desert, watch for this breathtaking wonder.