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First Promotional Coupon for our New Website

Posted by The Science Mall Team on 20th Aug 2022

This week we have started to run a promotional coupon for the opening of our new store! You can access coupon information, and any future coupons we are running in the section titled "coupons and promotionals" at the bottom left of our home page. These coupons are subject to change and we will run them from time to time, to help you with extra savings on those products you are interested in.

We do invite customers to also submit photos that they have made of their scientific purchases. Any description that you would like to add to the photos will be appreciated and we would consider in future postings. You are encouraged to submit these photo to our email address, for review.

Our store is constantly getting in new products. Please be patient with us as it does take extra time to take good pictures and generate accurate descriptions. We are working as fast as we can to upload images.

Thank you.