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Black Smoker Hydrothermal Vent Chimney Indian Ocean [15623]

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This is a portion of a hydrothermal vent chimney from the Indian Ocean. Black smokers are hydrothermal vents found deep in the ocean, specifically where tectonic plates meet and form fissures on the seafloor. These vents emit hot, mineral-rich fluids that reach temperatures up to 400 degrees Celsius. This one, seen in picture 3 has many vibrant pores lined with pyrite, seen at magnification 5X.

The Indian Ocean is home to numerous black smokers, most of which are located in the Central Indian Ridge and the Southwest Indian Ridge. These regions are known for their high volcanic activity and extreme depths, making them ideal environments for black smoker formation.

Black smokers are named after the dark plumes of mineral deposits that can be seen rising from their chimneys. These deposits are formed when the hot fluids from the vent come into contact with the cold seawater, causing them to solidify and create a unique chimney-like structure.

The mineral-rich fluids emitted by black smokers are important for their role in shaping the seafloor and supporting thriving ecosystems. Bacteria found near these vents have adapted to withstand extreme temperatures and use chemical energy from the hot fluids as a source of energy. This, in turn, attracts other organisms, such as tube worms, crabs, and fish which feed on the bacteria.

Size: 25mm L X 21mm W X 7mm D, Weight: 4 grams, loaded with easily visible pores and pyrite XX. Legally obtained from a scientific institution.

This specimen is from the Rodriguez Triple Junction (RTJ), Central Indian Ridge, Indian Ocean. 
Ships with Certificate of Authenticity, protective case, tag, tag stand, and detailed information about black smoker hydrothermal vent chimneys.

This great budget-friendly specimen makes a great addition to help complete any important geological collection! 

This scientific material is Guaranteed Authentic. It was professionally and legally collected and arrives with a Certificate of Authenticity.