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Armalcolite Apollo 11 Astronaut Named Mineral

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Armalcolite has the notoriety of being named after the Apollo 11 astronauts Armstrong, Aldrin, and Collins. It was one of three lunar minerals first discovered on the Moon, and later found here on Earth.

Armalcolite is considered to be rare and is a mineral found in volcanic lava, basalt rocks and occasionally in granite pegmatite, ultramafic rocks, lamproites and kimberlites. This mineral has also been detected in a few meteorites.

Characteristics- luster: metallic; color: gray to tan in reflection, opaque; crystal system: orthorhombic.

This specimen came from Smokey Butte, Garfield County, Montana.

Size: 42mm L X 30mm W X30 mm D; ships with tag, tag stand, perky display case and Certificate of Authenticity. Acrylic display stand and photo cube not included.

Make your geology collection more diverse with this historic, Apollo astronauts named mineral - first discovered on the Moon.

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