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Anorthosite Moon Pendant 14k Gold

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This lovely white anorthosite is custom set in this ropey 14k gold coin mount jewelry. Why anorthosite?
Anorthosite is an unusual rock for the Earth, but on the Moon it is the principle material for its ancient crust and the white lunar highlands.

The crew of Apollo 15 finally found and collected a prize sample from the lunar surface, which came to be called, by NASA, the "Genesis Rock" due to its extreme formation age. A real piece of lunar anorthosite meteorite costs thousands of dollars. Here is an Earth equivalent at an affordable price.

This beautiful specimen of terrestrial Earth anorthosite has been professionally hand cut to fit this exquisite 14k gold rope style pendant and is of the finest quality. It is a superb representative for our moon's lunar crust and makes a great astronomical gift.

Ships with authenticity, information, and an attractive velvet jewelry box. Size: About 1" diameter. Gold filled chain included.

This anorthosite is the most pristine anorthosite from our planet, Earth. It is NOT from the Moon.

Makes a great gift for an astronomer or geology enthusiast.

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