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Anorthosite Lunar Crust Moon Rock Analog 1512

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This premium, large hand specimen of anorthosite makes the perfect lunar analog to help teach about the geology of the Moon! This pristine anorthosite is 95% white anorthosite. Anorthosite makes up the lunar highlands which is thought to be “predominantly” composed of anorthosite, and is the white portion of the moon seen in the night’s sky.

This is one of the best specimens from a highly regarded remote locale, in the mountains of California. Most anorthosite from other locations are typically a dingy gray or darker.

This museum grade anorthosite specimen is similar in color to the "Genesis Rock" brought back from the Moon on Apollo 15.

Size: 8 1/2" L X 6 1/8" W X 4 1/2" D; Weight 7.8 lb.

Second picture has partially polished surface. Ships with tag and stand. Photographic cube and large stand not included. 

If you have been looking for some great anorthosite to help teach about lunar geology this would be an ideal specimen.

Note: This specimen is NOT from the Moon. Free shipping in the USA.

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