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Allende Meteorite Jewelry Shooting Star Style Sterling Necklace

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This quality Allende meteorite shooting star shaped pendant makes the ideal gift for that person who enjoys the cosmos. The artful blend of the contour shaped style in this pendant with a good sized Allende meteorite set it apart for making great meteorite jewelry! Suitable for men or women, casual or evening wear.

The Allende meteorite fell to Earth at 1:05 AM on February 8, 1969. It created a huge fireball, then shattered into fragments that rained over an area called a "strewn field." The "Allende strewn field" is the area where these meteorites have been found. The meteorite got its name from the small nearby town of Pueblito de Allende, Mexico. We custom cut and fit this meteorite to fashion this exquisite meteor-like shooting star sterling silver pendant necklace jewelry.

Allende meteorite is NOT known for its beauty but for its scientific value and cosmic significance. It has many tiny natural diamonds which were made in interstellar space. These diamonds are extremely precious because they contain a lot of unusual characteristics which lead us to think that they may have formed long before the meteorite itself did. In fact, they may have formed around an ancient star which, at the end of its life, gave out material that eventually became incorporated into our solar system. So these tiny grains can tell us all sorts of things about the entire history of our galaxy. It seems unimaginable to think of holding something that's from before our solar system was formed.

Pendant size: About 1 7/8" L X 1 1/8 " W X 1/8" D, Allende meteorite size: oval 5/8" L X 1/2" W. Your choice of quality sterling silver chain at checkout 18, 20, 22, 24 inches, no extra charge. TWO made, both similar.

Shipped with a Certificate of Authenticity, attractive jewelry box with information and quality chain with your choice of length.
Enjoy the magic and beauty of the cosmos with this imaginative Allende meteorite jewelry today.

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