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Akilia Island Oldest Marine Sedimentary Rock [41 gm ~3.85 Ga]

Brand : Jensan Scientifics LLC

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Akilia Island Oldest Sedimentary Marine Rock on Earth:

Akilia Island, located in SW Greenland, holds a remarkable geological record. Its metamorphosed supra-crustal sequence has been dated to be over 3.85 Ga. These ancient rocks provide a specific window into our planet's distant past, allowing scientists to explore the conditions of Earth's early conditions and the potential habitats for ancient life. This is the oldest known sedimentary marine rock in the world!

Geological Context, Formation and Age:

The rock at Akilia is part of a metamorphosed supracrustal sequence located at the island's southwestern tip. These rocks have been dated to be no younger than 3.85 billion years old, placing them in the early Archean. These are the oldest known marine sedimentary rocks on Earth!

Akilia Rock is also significant because it contains graphite, which is present as isotopically light organic matter. This intriguing presence of graphite has led some scientists to interpret it as evidence of life, suggesting it might be the oldest evidence of life on Earth. The rocks at Akilia are strongly deformed and metamorphosed, which makes their study challenging, but they still offer insight into our planets turbulent past. 

Altered Mafic and Ultramafic Flows: The rocks on Akilia Island were originally mafic to ultramafic volcanic flows. Through geological processes, they have transformed into their current state. The intervening sedimentary layers within the Akilia rocks are fascinating. They provide evidence of Earth's early hydrosphere, where both sediments and hydrothermal activity coexisted. This combination suggests the presence of water; and where there is water, there might be life.

The Specimen Dimensions: The Akilia Island specimen: 40mm L X 38mm W X 17mm D. Weight: 41.9 grams. The front is lightly sprayed for photographic purposes.

Composition: It contains quartz, pyroxene, magnetite, and garnet.

Additional Information: A Certificate of Authenticity, a tag, and a tag stand accompany this scientific rock specimen. There are many detailed scientific articles that are offered online that give a comprehensive understanding of its geological and historical significance. Acrylic base not included.

Educational Value: This rock, a rare and legally obtained specimen from Akilia, Greenland, presents a unique opportunity for collectors and scientists alike to delve into 'deep time'. It is one thing to be told about how old a rock is - it is another to hold it in your hands and realize the scope of its age, and its chronology in Earth's history.

The educational value of this rock is immense, offering a tangible connection to the geological history of Akilia Island.

A Certificate of Authenticity, a tag, and a tag stand accompany this scientific rock specimen.