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Idiwhaa Acasta Gneiss Earth's Oldest Rocks [65 gm ~ 4.02 Ga]

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What makes Idiwhaa Acasta Gneiss significant? These Acasta Gneiss rocks make excellent transition specimens that bridge the geological gap between the late Hadean and early Archean. The Idiwhaa Acasta gneiss is the oldest known bedrock on Earth, providing insight into the planet's earliest history.

This rock is about 4 billion years old, a mere fraction of the estimated age of the universe (13.8 billion years, debatable as of this writing). In the grand scheme of things, we humans have only been around for a small fraction of Earth's history. However, having a rock in our hands this old is not just a curiosity; it's a key to understanding the vastness of the universe and the first geological eons of Earth's history.

Idiwhaa Acasta Gneiss is an ancient rock formation located in the Slave Lake province of the Northwest Territories in Canada. It is one of the oldest known areas on Earth where zircons can be found. This rock formed during the early Archean. The area gets its name from the nearby Acasta River, east of Great Slave Lake and quite a distance north of Yellowknife. Scientists have determined that Idiwhaa Acasta Gneiss is about 4.02 to 3.65 Ga based on radiometric dating of zircon crystals.

The specimen's size is 59mm L X 55mm W X 10mm D, and its Weight is 65 grams. The pictures are of the front, with back with sizing cube, and description tag. Lightly coated for photographic purposes and can easily be removed with soap.

It ships with a Certificate of Authenticity, tag, tag stand, and information about Idiwhaa Acasta Gneiss. The display stand and photo cube are not included.

The Acasta gneiss was professionally collected, obtained in a materials trade with a scientific institution, and guaranteed authentic.

This essential geological specimen is not just a rock, it's a great hands-on teaching tool for learning about deep time! Its age and significance make it a valuable resource for educators, geologists, and students alike, providing a tangible connection to Earth's earliest history.

This scientific material is Guaranteed Authentic. It was professionally and legally collected. It arrives with a Certificate of Authenticity, tag, tag stand and information.