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Libyan Glass Jewelry

At Sciencemall-USA we sell Libyan Desert Glass jewelry tektites, which are in the top 10 most interesting, natural and impressive tektite glasses in the world! These tektites were created when a meteorite or comet exploded over the Libyan Desert, about 26 million years ago. The power, pressure and temperature of the blast was so intense that as the sand was ejected into the air it fused and created varying sized and shaped tektite droplets. The sky at that point literally "rained yellow glass tektites!" They were subsequently scattered across the region, while constantly being gardened, polished, and churned by the shifting desert winds.

We have selected premium grade Libyan Glass tektites and wire wrapped them into beautiful and visually engaging pendant necklaces. Some are light yellow, others are darker yellow, but all are splendid in character and shape!

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