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Libyan Glass Jewelry

We have Libyan Desert Glass jewelry tektites for sale, and they are among the world's most fascinating, natural, and impressive tektite desert glass! Scientists believe these tektites were created when a meteorite or comet body exploded over the Libyan Desert sand about 26 million years ago. The blast's power, pressure, and temperature from the event were so intense that as the sand was ejected into the air, it fused and created various-sized and shaped tektite droplets as it fell to Earth. The sky at that point literally "rained yellow glass tektites!" They were subsequently scattered across the region while constantly being gardened, polished, and churned by the shifting desert winds.

We have selected premium Libyan Glass tektites, and hand-wire wrapped many of them into beautiful and visually engaging pendant necklaces. Some pendants have light-colored yellow Libyan glass, while others are darker yellow, but all are splendid in character and shape! These tektites are considered to be melted yellow grains of sand formed into various shaped tektite glass.

The Egyptians considered Libyan glass tektite gemstones to have protective amulet properties. In addition, their yellow color and gem like characteristics reminded them of the powerful sun energy representative of the Egyptian sun god Ra.

You can buy our Libyan desert glass jewelry as 14k gold and 925 sterling silver wire pendants or necklaces, wire wrapped or set in a cabochon setting. We also have Libyan desert glass material for sale as single stone rock specimens, with the price dependent on the weight, character, and size of the glass. A Certificate of Authenticity accompanies each with a chain as jewelry. Some are polished, while others are all-natural gems made from minerals from the air blast of a comet or meteorite discovered by bedouin and explorers. They make fantastic personal gifts or purchases just for yourself!

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