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Haughton Crater Mars Project Impactite [87218]

Brand : Jensan Scientifics LLC

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This rock specimen is impactite from one of the most remote craters on Earth, the Haughton crater. There has not been a lot of study on this crater. It is located on Devon Island in the Canadian Arctic. At 75° north latitude, this high-latitude crater boasts unique geological features preserved due to limited weathering. With temperatures consistently below freezing and slow-growing vegetation, the impact crater showcases a relatively untouched landscape since the time of impact.

According to the Earth Impact Database (PASSC), the Haughton Crater is a 39 million-year-old impact site. It bears striking similarities to certain regions on Mars. The isolated location, cold temperatures, and rocky terrain make it ideal for Mars analog research. In collaboration with NASA, the Mars Institute and the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute have established a permanent research camp near the Haughton-Mars Project (HMP) crater.

The HMP conducts field expeditions each summer to study various aspects of human exploration on Mars, such as habitat design, spacesuit testing, and geological surveys.

Size of Haughton impactite: 25mm L X 17mm W X 9mm D. Weight: 2.35 grams. Size of disk: 1 3/4" diameter X 1/2" D. It ships with a Certificate of Authenticity, tag and tag stand, and information about the Haughton crater and the Mars Project. Although unspecified in the research data, this is clearly impactite and it is from the Haughton crater.

If you are looking for something really rare this Holiday Season to add to your geological collection you need not look any further!

Ships with Certificate of Authenticity, tag and tag stand, information about the Haughton crater and the Mars Project.