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Amber Jewelry

We sell Baltic amber jewelry pendants and necklaces. Our amber primarily comes from the Baltic. 

The Baltic region is home to about 80% of all the known amber and is considered to be the highest grade for the world's best amber.  It dates from about 40-60 million years ago. Baltic amber primarily comes from Eastern Germany, Poland, Lithuania and Russia.  Because Baltic amber contains about 8% succinic acid, it is also termed “succinite.”  Amber is actually tree resin that can come from many different species of trees.

How is amber formed? The sap, dripping from trees, fell to the ground and was compressed by the overlying deposits - which in time became “fossilized.” Some amber fragments contain tiny plants and plant pieces, pollen and insects - trapped in the sticky sap and “preserved in time.

Buy beautiful amber today and enjoy its rich color and beauty - the gift that lasts a lifetime!





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