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Akilia Greenland Earths Oldest Marine Sediment [19043]

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Akilia Island is home to the oldest known sedimentary rocks on Earth. This metamorphosed supracrustal sequence has been dated to be over 3.8 billion years old. Akilia Island rocks have altered mafic to ultramafic volcanic flows. The intervening sedimentary layers constitute the best evidence and opportunity for scientists to examine our planet's ancient terrestrial hydrosphere in which both sediments and hydrothermal activity are present. This layer strongly favors a habitat for Earth's most ancient life.

There are several places on our planet where you can find rocks of 3.5 bya. Locations older than this are extremely difficult to find, the farther back in "Deep Time" you go, as the crust has experienced extensive geological turnover.

The Hadean Earth contained hellish conditions from at least 4.6 billion years ago (approximate date of Earth's origin) until about 4 bya. Early bombardment from asteroids, meteorites and comets, along with residual high heat from its accretion are just the short list of what the conditions were like, from the outset.

Precious few rocks have been left since geologic "Deep Time" for us to examine for traces of early biological life.

Specimen size: 78mm L X 49mm W X35mm D, Contains quartz, pyroxene, magnetite, and garnet. Weight:97 grams

This scientific rock specimen ships with information, Certificate of Authenticity, tag and tag stand. Acrylic base not included but easily available. Detailed scientifically published information also included.

Legally obtained in a materials trade with a scientific institution.

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